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Flowers For Kids is a fun, interactive presentation for your class, scout troop, birthday, or party. Your local florist can go to your school or home and give the class or you can order the Flowers For Kids Class in a Box and give the class yourself.

1) Contact your local florist.

Flowers For Kids has trained more than 2200 florists in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. These florists have been certified to go into your school or organization and present Flowers For
Kids. Your local florist might just be a certified Flowers For Kids teacher.

2) Do the class yourself.

You can easily give the class yourself with the Flowers For Kids Class in a Box. We will send you a box of flowers and everything else you need to give the class: 210 flowers, script with training CD, sleeves, flower food sachets, care handouts, name tags, flower signs, and an FFK Banner. There is an easy to follow training video so you can be “The Flower Star” when you give the class.

Flowers For Kids believes that the local florist plays an important part in your community. If you decide to give the Flowers For Kids Class yourself, please invite your florist to participate in the presentation.

3) Flowers For Kids has a special program for children's museums and theatres. Please contact us to find out more.