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Flowers For Kids was founded by 24 Ecuadorian flower farms.
Today 95 farms in California, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador support the program.

All the sponsoring farms have certifications that recognize the farms’ social and environmental achievements.

Farm workers enjoy benefits such as transport, breakfast, lunch, medical care, sport teams, private pension plan, child day care, and credit unions. Please check the individual farm website for specific information.

Flowers For Kids helps farms market flowers to their customers: The Retail Florist. Flowers For Kids accompanies farm owners on Retailer Training Sessions visits to wholesalers. In the Retailer Training Session, Flowers For Kids talks about the farm products and worker benefits. We emphasize the importance of working through the salespeople at the local wholesale florist.

The sponsoring farms receive a yearly presentation of “Flowers for Flower Growers”; a motivational and empowerment class for the administrative staff and farm workers. The one hour class informs the participants of their importance within the flower industry and their contribution to the social and economic development of their country or state.