Flowers For Kids and the Importers

Floral importers spurred the growth of the flower industry in North America and continue to be a vital link in the floral chain.

Flowers For Kids:

- Works with you to organize your own “wholesaler tour”. You choose three or more of your good customers, preferably in the same part of the USA, and we will go on the road together.

- Trains the florists how to give a Flowers For Kids , class to local schoolchildren and parents.

- Emphasizes customer loyalty and the importance of working with reputable importers like…. you.

More importantly, you will have “face time” with your wholesale customer and all the attending retailers. The retailers who sign up for the Flowers For Kids classes are generally the most successful and market savvy florists. This is your opportunity to promote your flowers and services directly to the florists.

The following 15 importers are Flowers For Kids sponsors.

Fresca Farms Floral Express
Continental Farms Organic Bouquet
United Floral Farms
Sole Farms

“I have cut my newspaper and radio advertising in half and summer sales are not declining. So Flowers For Kids is making my store more profitable. Keep in mind FFK will not make any one week or event into a holiday like Valentine's Day, but rather will increase over all awareness and consumption of flowers over a period of time. Profitable everyday customers are much better than a 1-2 times a year fellow who only buys at holidays. Flowers For Kids in an investment into our floral future...”

- Carla Emert-
Troy Flower Shop.Troy Mo. 600+ children taught in two months