Flowers For Kids and the Retail Florist

DV Floral Group, Sewell, New Jersey

The Flowers For Kids program, presented by YOU, a professional retail florist is exactly the positive community involvement and visibility the florist needs. Flowers For Kids shows you how to teach your present and future customers the values and benefits that fresh flowers offer in a lively, fun, educational and interactive format. The children share this knowledge with their parents and now you have immediate increased floral demand in your community.

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Since 2006 Flowers For Kids has trained more than 1700 retail florists and 450 mass market employees to become certified Flowers For Kids teachers. Florists who put the program into action sell more flowers.

Florists who use the program see sales results:

“Flowers For Kids has made me the “Flower Lady” for my local schools. FFK has increased my business by 8% compared to last year. Since being trained I’ve been in local television four times. I’ve now just have a small yellow page ad and stopped all other print advertising. Flowers For Kids gets our name all over Madison, opens doors, and gives us confidence to come up with other ideas. I’ve started a adults “Flowers for Kids at Heart” program that has resulted in 26 weekly standing orders. Flowers For Kids works! Call me.”

Tricia Adler, Buffo Floral, Madison, Wisconsin
5000 children taught 2007-08

There are two options to become a Flowers For Kids florist teacher:

- Your local wholesale florist, with your encouragement, would be open to “hosting” a Retailer Training Session for florists in your area.

- Florist to Florist Training. Flowers For Kids has 10 florist trainers who have been successful with the programm in their areas. A FFK florist trainer will send you the training kit and will personally train and encourage you with follow up phone conversations.