What teachers say about Flowers for Kids

“To have the school filled with the aroma of 6,000 flowers, to see boxes and boxes of beautiful blossoms filling the meeting room, and then to have 180 students (and many teachers) get the chance to make their own bouquet was a very special experience. On the academic side, the assemblies were first-rate as well.”

- Stuart Work, Head of School
Washington Episcopal School

“I feel the girls now have a greater appreciation for flowers and the flower business. They cherish their bouquets. Phrases such as, ‘Science is so cool!’ and ‘Today was so fun!’ echoed throughout the halls and classrooms.”

- Rachel DeYonker
Science Teacher, National Cathedral School

“What a wonderful presentation you gave to the faculty at Maret. We learned so much about your country and growing flowers in such a short period of time. There is no place good to find flowers in Washington, and I just loved seeing the possibilities available. All the kids you taught were thrilled about your presentation. One youngster saw me in the hall and said “He’s incredible! I know I am a Boy-but I loved it!” I thought that was so cute.”

- Shelley Brody
College Counselor and Humanities Teacher, Maret School

“I was recently a volunteer for a nonprofit group dealing with high school students, Presidential Classroom. As part of the educational experience for the high school students, we went to the Ecuadorian Embassy. We were unexpectedly treated to a lecture and demonstration on flowers by R. L. Peñaherrera. He did a fabulous job in explaining the significance of flowers to the Ecuadorian economy, and the impact Americans can have on that economy. The students and volunteer instructors enjoyed his talk very much. I wanted to thank your organization for allowing him to speak to us.”

- Bonnie Greenberg
Volunteer, Presidential Classroom

“Many of our children are surrounded by such violence in their community, that a program such as yours teaches them to take care of nature and look for the beauty of and in the world that they are a part of.”

- Mrs. Anderson
Music Teacher, Anne Beers School, Washington, D.C.