Flowers For Kids and The Wholesale Florist
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The 90 minute Flowers For Kids Retailer Training Session, held at your location, teaches your retail florists how to go into their local schools and give a fun, interactive 45-minute class all about flowers. The kids and teachers learn how to appreciate and take care of flowers. At the end of the class everyone gets to make a bouquet to take home. Along with the bouquet and care handout, each child receives an invitation to the flower shop to take the Flowers For Kids quiz to earn the “Flower Kid Diploma” and two Focals. The invitation includes the child’s parent.

More importantly we tell your florists about all the effort you put into making sure they get the quality flowers they need. We explain how flowers are responsibly grown in California and South America, how the cold chain is used, and emphasize the importance of supporting you; their local wholesale florist. Generally we are accompanied by one of your importer or farm suppliers.

After the Flowers For Kids training session, your retailers and salespeople will feel comfortable and have all the tools to teach children, their teachers, administrators, and parents. We encourage your salespeople to give the first classes together with their florists.

Each florist receives a folder with material from Flowers for Kids sponsors.
Since 2006 Flowers For Kids has trained more than 1700 retail florists and 450 mass market employees to become certified Flowers For Kids teachers. Florists who put the program into action are pleased with the results and show loyalty to their supporting suppliers:

“Flowers For Kids has made me the “Flower Lady” for my local schools. FFK has increased my business by 8% compared to last year. Since being trained I’ve been in local television four times”

Tricia Adler
Buffo Floral, Madison,Wisconsin 5000 children taught 2007-09.

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